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FITNESS MYBODY tailored studio & at-home personal training for people looking to improve their fitness and health without joining a gym Hi, I'm Nikki Lucas and if you are struggling with your fitness and just find the "gym" boring and not your cup of tea, I'd love to help you. If you are tired of trying different fads, and feel serious about making a change now to create a fitter and healthier life and body, book a complimentary first session and let's chat through what I might be able to do to help.
ABOUT NIKKI Nikki is an enthusiastic fully certified trainer and coach, dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals and maintain them. Nikki is a fabulous motivator who is passionate about wellbeing and encouraging people to feel their healthy fit best in their own fantastic bodies. Fitness doesn't have to feel like a massive chore, an extra job you have to fit into an already busy life - Nikki's approach is one of helping people find a much more enjoyable way to integrate fitness into your lifestyle.
Having spent nearly 20 years as a professional acrobat in contemporary circus, I have a lifetime of interest in keeping my body fit and well. This keen interest has been both from necessity, so I'm able to perform but also from a passionate interest in how fascinating and spectacular our human bodies really are. Circus artists’ bodies come in all shapes and sizes like anyone else. From the light acrobat on the top of the pyramid, to the big broad strong base on the bottom. We all play to our strengths, using our physiques to the best of its abilities and beyond. Unfortunately in society we are bombarded by media images of an unrealistic one size fits hardly anyone body image of what "ideal" is. It's a constant stream of marketing to make us feel rubbish if we aren't that size and shape, quickly followed by products and faddy diets we should buy to help us look that one way. It makes me sad and angry. We're all fantastic, our bodies are amazing tools to live our lives in. Getting our own body fit and healthy for life is far more rewarding and achievable than trying to starve and train ourselves in an attempt to resemble a 20 something photoshopped magazine cover person! This passion and belief has motivated me to start My Body Fitness. To help you achieve a happy healthy and fit self.

I provide 1:1, partner and small group Personal Training sessions to help people work out with confidence to achieve their fitness goals.

1:1 SESSIONS £45 at the Wow Clinic £50 at clients' own homes 2:1 SESSIONS £60 at the Wow Clinic £70 at clients' own homes SMALL GROUP PT Pagham Village hall on Tuesday night £20 per person (up to 4 clients per session)


Book a complimentary first session to discuss your needs and situation more fully


Flexible fitness programs to suit all abilities without feeling intimidated


Expert guidance to help shape your current eating regime towards one that will serve you but without "dieting"


Help me know what you really want and I will help absolutely ensure you get there



Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer


Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach


Performer and Conditioning Coach


In the comfort of your own home or at the Wow Clinic


CONTACT 07775 927445

37 Greenways, Pagham, West Sussex, PO21 4QE


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